Greetings from club President

Welcome to Chiyoda Toastmasters club!

How did you find us? You might have googled keywords like “how to speak”, ”public speaking” or ”English/Japanese learning”. I have also found Chiyoda Toastmasters as you did.

I joined in the club three years ago while anxious in public speaking. Let me tell you about the charm of Chiyoda Toastmasters (TMC)!

Great points of Chiyoda TMC

☆ Communication

・We have various learning resources.

・You might have had a lot of opportunities for casual talks like in business or at home; however, you might not have had such in receiving evaluations. You will have plenty of opportunities receiving evaluation for your speech.

・You will receive opportunities taking roles and will gradually improve your skill without suffer.

☆ Leadership

・We do not have any teachers but teach ourselves. We learn how to take leadership through the process of making our club activities better.

☆ Language

・We have our meetings in English and/or in Japanese, and you will be improving language skills spontaneously. You will also recognize improvement in the use of expressions even in your native language.

☆ Precious friends

・There are many encounters of new people both inside and outside the club. Everyone at Chiyoda TMC is always fun and kind, and we will be improving together by helping with each other. There will also be a lot of fun events.

Our slogan for my presidential term is “Chiyoda, where inspires you.


I am always inspired by club members.

Please feel free to join us and be inspired.


Click here to join us as a guest.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


2020-2021 Chiyoda Toastmasters President, Mariko Nakamura



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